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No one ever anticipates being charged with a criminal offense or being ticketed by a police officer. People from all walks of life may have contact with either the Criminal Justice System or the Municipal Court System at some point in their life. Parents may have contact with the Criminal Justice System as a result of their child, while others may be charged mistakenly or as a result of a false allegation. Whatever the reason, it is critical during these most difficult times that our clients be represented by experienced criminal lawyers to ensure their rights are protected and that they are treated fairly by the Courts.

When charged with a crime or serious motor vehicle offense, our clients often face consequences that can include the loss of their liberty or severe penalties. Additionally, a conviction may affect their driving privileges and employment. As a result, finding the right attorney is essential. Whether a case is a simple motor vehicle violation or an indictable offense, the attorneys of Tyree and Embree are here to protect our client’s rights.

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